Thursday, March 11, 2010

New York city is crazy huge .I've never felt so rushed in a city ,and had nothing to do . Its an unsaid tension in the air reminding you to keep moving and not to stop ,especially not in somebodies way. If you find yourself at a halt a switch turns on in your head reminding you of the crowds surrounding. Reminding you, your not from here and get out of the way of those who are. It was such a nice weekend the sun was shinning filling those present with an energy of warmth. Seeing the crowds running the streets made it almost impossible to think of how much it snows , and begs the question what will actually stop a New Yorker. The rush was exciting i must admit ,and to realize cardiac disease is on the rise was ever present. throughout the day we ran around Brooklyn to Manhattan uptown to downtown , my friends pointed and i followed willingly and eager to see what was next. We traveled to Bars to Bistros New York delis , to the hundreds of mini marts ,Grand central to Central park trying to absorb and breathe in a culture based off of so many. Tendencies and undertones of how the big apple works ,is a constant reminder that the ports of this city held the keys to many American dreams . This bustle of hard work and to better ones self is always present . I'm left in awe...

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  1. Matt, I know I'm your mother...but this is one of the best descriptions of New York I've read. Keep up the writing!