Saturday, March 6, 2010

finally I'm out of my remedial math and English class I passed with an A- in math and a C+ in English throughout my life it seems english was easy but evidentally something must have switched. today starts my 5 day weekend and i think some friends and i will be heading to the city. It will be nice to get out of Hyde Park aside from a few bars , American family powerhouses (FDR 's house and the Vanderbilts ), and few pizza spots there is not much to do . My buddy Manny is visiting from California with a co worker so i plan on having lunch and it will be nice to have a few laughs with some one from home. The weather seems to be clearing up the last of the snow , but with it being march we might get a few more storms before spring is in full affect. Living in Seattle was a good preperation for moving to New York some days i forget that i live here now ,im reminded that i had an entirely different life there , and how much i miss it. New York is cool though i hope to create and harvest new relationships . Its the most ackward and exciting thing a person can do . its nice to know that this school rotates people in and out so fast, it's a reminder that I only have so much time and to make the best of what time i have here. I could talk about how bad the weather is and how stupid some of these kids are but why waste my breathe . Im content with where im at despite how different it is. What i like about this is that there is no need to compare New York to california or Seattle , its nice to come to terms with this difference and own it while i can. Everyday is the start of where i want to be for tomorrow this process will feel long and timely but i know like all good things it will be up fast so savor the moment and breathe it all in .

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