Monday, March 22, 2010

Its been awhile since sitting at my desk looking at this blank blog entry where i look for things to mention ,how this new setting has so many different things ,but what to mention still haunts my brain. Well coming from Seattle weather is always appropriate . last weekend was amazing the sun graced us with its presence and warmth, kids were running around neglecting homework and taking advantage of the energy that comes with that. On Friday we celebrate the weeks end and people are moving in every direction except academia ,on Saturday we rehydrate and try to find any remaining students stuck on campus to hang with ,on Sunday you understand the mistakes of your procrastination and you buckle down hitting the books again. Today being Monday and a gray ,rainy ,wet Monday at that is perfect to find your focus on school. I'm still finding myself figuring out this place , Its not very confusing ,or hard to navigate ,but still keeps your eyes alive with little bits of information ,and mysterys unraveled. I know that by the time i don't have any rocks unturned ill be bored out of my mind but when this obstacle comes all be ready , or swamped with school.
Its truly a beautiful place ,but truly different i cant wait for spring if only to see what is next, i wont hold my breathe ,but i will keep you posted take care all , i hope i find some inspiration to guide me through this literary journey .

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