Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Matt Comes Home To Cook

I am briefly hacking Matt's blog to show that his trip home brought him to all parts of Southern California, including a Metrolink train, that sent him further east than any of us should ever need to go. Making a brief stop in Long Beach, he cooked for some friends and his two sisters, one of which is writing this. On a Wednesday morning waking to the smells of coffee brewing and the sound of bell peppers hissing from the flame of the stove, we watched Matt wield his knife, roast tomatoes and talk of his experiences at school. He made us breakfast pizza, which if you have not had I highly recommend. Take everything you like about pizza and breakfast, a little more than half way through crack some eggs on top and it looks something like this.

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  1. And where did you talented and wonderful kids hear about breakfast pizza?