Sunday, August 8, 2010

My time at school is flying by so quickly i feel so distant from where i started , theres some familiar faces but its almost never enough to make any real connection. School is interesting for the reasons of a new class starts every three weeks and one older class graduates its a rotating door that never seems constant . Im happy being here i just think that i get anxious to see where im at , so far from home, surrounded by the Hudson valleys beauty and remote location , and by a sea of people whom love food or love the food network. I intend on making this world mine , im just puzzled and curious to see how this step will guide or aid me in doing so . confused puzzled and feeling as if my world is incomplete ,on my way , or on my way out time will tell i just observe and take stock in peace of mind, the chicken scratch of my thoughts on paper are not grim but truthful

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