Sunday, February 21, 2010

Today seems to be a really nice day the snows is melting and the sun is out shining . last Night was the first week end for my class so every kid from my class was out and going crazy. Something was in the air , Im happy to say i retired early to my room in desperate need of sleep . its interesting to see the excitement for a lot of these students being away from home for the first time or just filled with the energy to meet new people or expierence new relationships. I thinks its pretty exciting but continue to remind my self that i have a goal at hand and a task tat i cant lose sight of.
My math and English class seem to be a good over view of subjects that i have already taken . Its a good reminder , i wish i had looked at some over view before i took this placement test. Well here i am and at least im not alone , its just over view that i need to get by then i can hopefully get into the kitchen. wish me luck and ill post more later.

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  1. I thought you were working for the OTHER CIA, but NOW I get it. Your Mom directed me to your blog.

    Peace man!