Wednesday, February 17, 2010

I think it finally hit when i saw New York city ,im here i thought despite being very tired because the lack of sleep on the plane, hungry ,and kinda lost i reached my destination. New York has a funny way of building on top of each other ,theres so many people running every where in a rush and busy busy busy ,but all a mystery to spectators. Getting on the train my journey had to continue flying north on tracks that clicked and clacked , seeing trees instead of sky scrapers ,the Hudson instead of streets, and people in cars not taxis. when i finally reached my destination I understood I was along way from California .
I share a double room with this kid name Matt hes from Florida and soon to be out of here taking the knowledge of the CIA to a real Paying kitchen . Its seems to be a lot better living situation than i expected.Every morning a freight train passes sometimes as early as six and as late as 3am ;depending how much sleep i get i debate breakfest "which is the only optional meal" thats served at 6am til 730 ." i havent made it yet. Lunch is served at 11am and dinners at 5 pm so far the food has been awesome . Better yet we get participating points for going. Lunch and Dinner are set up in a way that your waited on by students whom are in hospitality class.we get a three course meal each time we eat and are catered to from as normal as drink orders to annoying as brushing up crumbs off your table. Each person plays as the gm "general manager"each persons waits each person busses and runs food.
the Last two days have been a repeatetive orientation cute games to know each other , lots of tours of the campuss, and ground rules to scare you into compliance. im happy to have finally got my classes and some sort of understanding of whats expected of me . Talking about this place for such along period of time and being here now is surreal im happy to be here and happy to look at where ill be heading. im really tired right now so ill check in later and god bless


  1. Matt,
    Thanks for posting - really great. Make sure to take photos.
    Love you Mom

  2. This is so fun to read, Matt...I can't believe you're finally there either...seems like last night you were in our living room. And I love that you get awesome fitting!! I'm really looking forward to following this blog...Love, Carol