Sunday, April 24, 2011

For the last five months I have been working in Park City Utah doing my externship for school. The externship is a five month intern for a well established restaurant or resort that a student works for. My externship was at Stein Eriksen Lodge with executive Chef Chef Zane Holmquist a graduate of the CIA. Deer valley "the mountains in P.C." is the ski destination for world travelers and is home to some of the best snow in the US.

Stein Eriksen is the largest kitchen i have ever worked in . The Kitchens range from the lunch line, apres ski line, and dinner line, there is a room service kitchen , a banquet kitchen, a pastry ine, and a bake shop. the employment for all of these kitchens range from 60 - 80 people just for the kitchens and can hold 50 people for one shift this does not include servers , bussers , dish washers , or management. Its quite a site to see the ins and outs of how service works.Masses of people moving around each other with blazing hot kitchen materials or trey of food, avoiding to get into each others way. an average day for breakfast buffet and lunch can run from 200-600 people so prep is sometimes carried through service depending what is needed. As one of many externs the rotation to different stations is important to get good exposure to how things are running. You could be on action station which is a par cooked buffet that sits on the dinning floor , The menu changes daily and depending on what it is we cook the items fully with an electric stove top and saute pan . These menus range from, an omelet station, Philly steak sandwiches, fajita days , dim sum day, stir fry day and so forth . these stations will be decorated to the the themed food and all different types of condiments, parings , and sauces will be maid for guest. Another station is the room service kitchen where one does there daily prep of making sauces ,heating soups, toasting croutons, and setting up there low boys " fridges". On average the room service is generally not as busy but the menu is much more fancy cuisine , and takes little longer than normal . During Christmas i served more kids food than i could imagine that consisted of chicken fingers, and hamburgers, pb & j's ,small pizzas and all sorts of fruit assortments. The lunch line consist of a grill cook saute cook "generally the chef",and a pantry position. all externs were on the pantry station that made salads, sandwiches, kids food , and was in charge of the fryer.

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